Pet Art by Linda
For an ever lasting memory of your pet

About Linda

My name is Linda Propstra. Since 2006 my husband and I and our pets are living in central France. After a number of years of renovations on the house, time has come for me to pick up my old hobby, drawing, again. I am completely self-taught, but by carefully looking at other works and drawing a lot, I have made good progress. What is very important in drawing, above all, is a good observation of the model. This requires time and concentration. It is also important to "walk away" from the drawing process every now and then, and to start again with a fresh look. Only recently I started drawing with pastel crayons and pencils, and I liked it so much that I decided to keep using it.

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On the pastel mat paper I use, the pastel crayons and pencils give a velvety appearance. This quality paper also has the advantage of the drawing not having to be fixed. Moreover it has a special back so that the work, after framing, even on a slightly damp wall, will not wave . The pastel colours I work with have a high light fastness, which means that the colours remain good for decades. Nevertheless, it is better not to hang the work in full sunlight.

My special emphasis is on the most accurate representation of the eyes, which are the mirror of the soul. With that I try to represent the character of the animal as well as possible. But also the structure and colours of the fur and skin are very important for the overall result.

 To get the best possible result it is important that I have one or more good quality pictures of your pet. Preferably at a size of at least 2000 x 2000 pixels and with enough sharpness. When taking a picture, it is most ideal that the lens is at the same height as the eyes of the animal. With a photo that is over- or underexposed, it is difficult to obtain the desired result. We will of course determine in mutual agreement which picture will be used, as well as the background colour of the paper. I can also draw a background if you like.